From United States Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court subpoenas to STATE COURT subpoenas, including in-state subpoena procedures for use in out of state actions, SubpoenaCentral.com provides a central location for all the information, laws, rules, procedures, forms and the tools you need to issue subpoenas properly, with the correct witness fees, served legally and in a timely manner. This is a FREE SERVICE of Target Research & Investigation Corporation intended for use by attorneys, paralegals, managing clerks, docket clerks and all other litigation professionals.  Registration is free, simple and easy. For Federal Courts and Bankruptcy Courts:
  • Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court rules. PDF forms and links to additional official court forms.
  • Witness fee calculator for Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court (zip code to zip code).
For issuing and serving state court subpoenas out of your own state (“Foreign Subpoenas”):
  • State court laws and rules with links to official source material
  • Step by step “how to” instructions including service and notice requirements
  • Instate county lookup by city or zip code (find the county you need)
  • Witness fee calculator for each state; attendance fee and mileage fees automatically calculated for you.
  • Links for state judiciary websites.
  • Links for county courthouse websites for each county in that state.
  • Sample FORMS!! Including fillable PDF forms and links to all state courts official forms

Subpoenacentral.com and our Forms Catalog are provided to Registered Users and are intended for use only by attorneys and other legal professionals. Registration is FREE, FAST and only ONE TIME.

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