Migrant Money

Migrant Money

Making Remittances Count

We build a stronger case for the role of remittances towards improved foreign exchange, private sector investment, and as a gateway for financial inclusion of migrants towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowering Migrants to Maximize Impact

We go beyond making recommendations—and implement market-based interventions towards enabling regulatory changes, strengthening open digital payment ecosystems, and financing migrant-centric and gender-responsive innovations.

Solutions from
Real-world Experts

We are a global team of economists, regulators, data scientists, gender specialists, and payments and banking professionals. The intersection of migrants and finance is our unique expertise.

Our Latest Resources

Our comprehensive library of actionable research and insights is updated regularly, offering resources to a broad constituency of our partners who are interested in deepening their understanding of remittance markets and migrants’ financial needs, constraints, and aspirations.